Hi! My name is Amena and I’m a recent graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill. I moved to New York a few months back for a job that deals mostly with numbers, but I’ve always had a thing for words, too. I originally built this site following an assignment for a college class to create an online portfolio. I’m revamping it to use now, post-grad, as a means to stay in touch with my creative side and keep writing consistently.

I’ve dubbed this stage of my life the second coming. I’ve spent a long time (read: all my time, ever) working to get where I am today: living independently in a big city with a solid, stable job. Now that I’m here, though, I’m not quite sure where to go. I dream of a life that’s defined by purpose, a reality which has proven elusive considering I don’t yet have my purpose nailed down. For now, my goal is to publish a weekly blog post within which I reflect on whatever musings I determine worth documenting, in the hopes that it leads me wherever I belong next.